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Forward Auction

Forward Auctions are product/service listings that are posted to a website and bid on by buyers. Whether you as the company are selling the items or users register to sell, buyers are able to search through the products/services and submit a bid.

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Reverse Auction

Reverse Auctions are Freelance-style auction websites that a client posts a project and service providers bid based on the client’s budget, description, and needs. A client chooses one of the providers to hire, or award, and work out the details after award. Escrow, onsite chat features and emails, payment methods, and more are included.

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Penny Auction

Penny Auctions are auctions where items are listed for sale and buyers may only bid in a certain increment. In some cases, each bid costs the buyer points that are bought with money. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder is awarded the item and none of the bidders are refunded their bid points.

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Silent Auction

Silent Auctions are auctions where a small amount of items are listed for auction a month or anually, usually with a low timer. Normally, these are for fundraisers. Users bid on the item and once an auction has closed, it is done.

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